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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation introduces you to yourself on all levels. Meditating with the chakras works with sound, color and sensation within your body. Chakra meditations provide all the benefits of breath meditation and the experiences of energy healing common to the Reiki experience.


Chakra Meditation will bring you:

Peace of mind, calmness.
A sense of well being.
Better relationships.
Better health.
Personal, philosophical, and spiritual insights.
The direct experience of the center of your being.

The benefits of meditation are getting to know your personal self. This is true if your are a Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Taoist, follow some other religion, or none at all. In Chakra meditation we are working Primordial sounds, lights and vibrations.




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Guided Meditation Video

A basic meditation that brings the energies down from the crown to the base.

Meditation Introduction

This is a preparation for the meditation. It outlines the basic principle in the meditation video.
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Meditation video

This video is designed as a daily practice to open your chakras and invite the spirit of the Goddess in to your being.
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