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OM as a Mandala

The Mandukya Upanishad is a simple 12 Stanza teaching on the nature of the Universe as OM. It details that OM is formed from three sounds A, U and M. These three Primordial sounds then produce a four sound.

This tutorial includes the mandala to the left. The original Upanishad and a commentary by Swami Sivananda.
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seated yogi

Ali Kali

The entire Sanskrit alphabet strunge together as a mantra is known as Ali Kali. It is a ancient transmission of light and sound. The sounds of the alphabet make up the colors and petals of the traditional Chakra diagrams.

In this tutorial we explore the mandala to the left and the Ali Kali as it relates to the Buddha dharma. The Shri Yantra manifest in the center of the Ali Kali mandala as the union of the sense base (shiva) with the elements (shakti.
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Two Mandalas For Drawing

These are simple to construct mandalas with a compass and ruler.

New Jerusalem Mandala

Here we explore the Mandala of the Heavenly City of St. John from the Book of Revelations. The proportions of which give rise to the Sun, Earth and Moon as a Sacred Temple.
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Yantra of the elements

The five elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Space are the totality of all phenomena. They are also the Five Meditation or Dhyana Buddhas. They are drawn in this exercise in a Four Fold Yantra.
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