The next Chakra moving upwards in the body is the heart Chakra. It's name is Anahata. It has twelve petals and is located in the chest area at heart level.

The sound for this Chakra is YAM. It is made in the second position with the tip of the tongue in the center of the roof of the mouth.

It is a 'yummy' sound and most people feel a good deal of joy when making this sound.

Once again the sound is YAM. Practice making this sound while focusing on your chest area. YAM. You can't help but smile when making this sound. Be sure that you are making resonance with the MMM at the end.

Now try this sound four times. YAM, YAM, YAM, YAM. Inhale and make the sound four more times. YAM, YAM, YAM, YAM.

You should feel the resonance in your chest area. It may even make you cough a bit. Do not worry it is an indication that your are lossening up the energies of your heart.

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