This Chakra is often referred to as the Solar Plexus. It's proper name is Manipura. It has ten petals and it located just underneath the diaphram.

You can locate this position by placing your hand on the bottom of your rib cage. It is located at the level of the last rib.

It's sound is RAM. It is the spanish R sound. It has a bit of a roll to it. Remember that the resonance is created by closing the mouth before completing the sound. RRRAAA. . .MMMM. It is sort of like an engine roaring.

The tip of the tongue is placed at the slope of the roof of the mouth. This is position number 3. From here the tongue is pulled backwards while making the sound. RAM.

Try this while focusing on this area of your body - RAM. Keep doing the sound until you can feel the energy. RAM.

Now try this making four sounds in a single breath. RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM. Inhale and try again. RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM.

You should feel the tingling in this area now.

Use the controls to hear the sound.


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