The first Chakra that we will be working with will be the base or Muladhara Chakra.

Remember that it is located in the sit bone area of the body. If you were sitting on the floor or in a chair this is the place in the body that is in contact with the chair or floor.

The sound is LAM. It is made in position 4, with the tongue behind the upper teeth. The tongue is flicked downward while making the LA sound. The mmmm comes after by closing your mouth. Try this now.

Now try it while focusing on the sit bone area of your body. You should begin to feel the sound in that area of your body. Keep trying the sound until you can begin to feel it.

Now make the sound four times with a single breath. LAM, LAM, LAM, LAM. Inhale and again LAM, LAM, LAM, LAM.

You might be feeling a bit of tingling energy in the lower part of your body. Feel the warmth of the tingling and allow it to relax you.

Use the controls to hear the sound.


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