Moving to the throat Chakra we come to Vishudda. It has sixteen petals. It is located at where the neck and shoulders meet.

The throat Chakra is the largest Chakra by far. It extends out to the edges of the shoulder. If we were to look at the nerves in the body we would find that the nerves of the neck extend out to our shoulders and down our arms. Actually the Chakras in our palms are part of the throat Chakra for this very reason.

Expand your awareness from the center of your throat to the edges of your shoulders. Now make the sound HAM. It is made at the back of the throat with no tongue interaction. HAM.

Take a breath in and make this sound four times. HAM, HAM, HAM, HAM. Inhale and again, HAM, HAM, HAM, HAM.

See if you can feel the sensation of the sound in your shoulders. See if you can feel it travelling down your arms and into your palms. HAM

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