We come to the final primary sound located at the brow Chakra or Ajna Chakra. The Ajna Chakra has two petals and is the color violet.

The sound here is AUM. It stands for Bhrama (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer). Many times in the west we see the sound represented as 'OM'. However this sound is a Sanskrit vowel. In the traditional teachings the sound AUM is representative of the three aspects from which all life emerges. It is also seen as the sound from which the entire Sanskrit alphabet emerges from.

To make the AUM sound you start at the back of the throat with AAAA. The sound then moves through the mouth to the lips where the sound UUU is formed. Try this now. AAAA and then UUUU. Feel the energy as it moves forward through the mouth. And now try it again with MMMM on the end. AUM.

Inhale and try this four times, AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM. And again, AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM.

You should feel this in the center of your head near the brow level

Use the controls to hear the sound.



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